May 29, 2017

Time Table of Sehir-o- Iftar.

        Ramazan Calendar Time Table in Pakistan (Multan).







7:10 pm03:39 amSunday28 May1
7:10 pm03:39 amMonday29 May2
7:11 pm03:38 amTuesday30 May3
7:11 pm03:38 amWednesday31 May4
7:12 pm03:37 amThursday01 June5
7:13 pm03:37 amFriday02 June6
7:13 pm03:36 amSaturday03 June7
7:14 pm03:36 amSunday04 June8
7:14 pm03:36 amMonday05 June9
7:15 pm03:35 amTuesday06 June10
7:15 pm03:35 amWednesday07 June11
7:15 pm03:35 amThursday08 June12
7:16 pm03:35 amFriday09 June13
7:16 pm03:35 amSaturday10 June14
7:17 pm03:35 amSunday11 June15
7:17 pm03:34 amMonday12 June16
7:17 pm03:34 amTuesday13 June17
7:18 pm03:34 amWednesday14 June18
7:18 pm03:34 amThursday15 June19
7:18 pm03:34 amFriday16 June20
7:19 pm03:34 amSaturday17 June21
7:19 pm03:35 amSunday18 June22
7:19 pm03:35 amMonday19 June23
7:20 pm03:35 amTuesday20 June24
7:20 pm03:35 amWednesday21 June25
7:20 pm03:35 amThursday22 June26
7:20 pm03:36 amFriday23 June27
7:20 pm03:36 amSaturday24 June28
7:20 pm03:36 amSunday25 June29
7:21 pm03:37 amMonday26 June30

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